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Albion Human Nutrition wants to help take the guess work out of selecting quality mineral supplement products. With the myriad of mineral ingredients that can be found on a typical nutritional supplement label, the selection of the most effective and highest quality mineral can be overwhelming. With this in mind, Albion has designed a program to assure the consumer that the mineral ingredients in their nutritional supplements are of the highest possible quality. Examples of how various customers choose to display their status as a Gold Medallion retailer on their supplement labels include: The Albion Gold Medallion in black ink, using  patent numbers and licensing status, ingredient lists, trademark ownership and other identifying information.

Gold Medallion Sample.


Gold Medallion status is awarded to those Albion customers whose products have been recognized for their mineral excellence.

When the Gold Medallion is present on product labels and literature, the consumer can be assured that the product contains quality mineral ingredients based on scientific research.

Albion has long been recognized as the world's premier supplier of patented mineral amino acid chelates, one of the reasons that Albion is known as The Mineral People™. In addition to awarding the Gold Medallion for specific products, Albion will also give special recognition to Gold Medallion companies. These are companies that have shown a special commitment to excellence in mineral nutrition by offering a complete selection of Albion mineral products. The Gold Medallion will assure the consumer that the minerals found in those products bearing the official symbol were provided by Albion Human Nutrition - the World Leader in Quality Mineral Nutrition!

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