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11 November 2019

Nutritional Information. Answers to questions about nutrition, obesity, herbal and nutritional supplements, and the role of diet in improving and maintaining your health.
  • Too much ultra-processed food linked to lower heart health
    Americans get more than 50% of their daily calories from ultra-processed foods. Measures of heart health decrease as ultra-processed food consumption rises.
  • Evening eating linked to poorer heart health for women
    Women who consumed a higher proportion of their daily intake of calories later in the evening were more likely to be at greater risk for cardiovascular disease than women who did not. Every 1% increase in calories consumed in the evening increased the likelihood of higher blood pressure and body mass index and poorer long-term control of blood sugar.
  • Sensitivity to bitter tastes may be why some people eat fewer vegetables
    A gene that makes some compounds taste bitter may make it harder for some people to add heart-healthy vegetables to their diet. Researchers hope to learn more from this type of genetic research to help people with aversions to certain foods eat more vegetables in the future.

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