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Albion Human Nutrition is a manufacturer of bulk nutritional mineral ingredients to the nutrition industry. We do not sell directly to end users/consumers. On this page, we connect you (the consumer or practitioner) with our customers that formulate and make available in tablet or capsule form our ferrous bisglycinate chelate (Ferrochel®) along with our range of organic nutritional mineral forms.

The specific companies listed below offer Albion’s ferrous bisglycinate chelate in its single form or formulated with other supplement ingredients. The companies below are checked and verified as carrying Albion chelated minerals; they are designated as being Albion Gold Medallion members. They have been given permission to use our exclusive Gold Medallion logo on their packages.

When you see the Gold Medallion on the label, you can be assured the manufacturer is using the highest quality mineral available on the market in their formulations.

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